Sunday, March 1, 2015

Where are Alberta's priorities?

My grade 8 patients learn about ecosystems and their importance not only to the environment and wildlife but our health too.  In the real world in Alberta, it seems these grade 8 lessons are long forgotten.  As such, this brings to the surface the increasingly popular question of, "can we be healthy in a sick world?"

This example is highlighted right at the end of our street (click to enlarge photo below - taken March 1, 2015) where our town puts more priority on having 3 new houses built rather than preserving this aquatic habitat despite a research study that demonstrated its importance.  You can see the barrier wall of earth that was started last year dissecting the wetland shortly to be filled with earth.

On a similar note, how are we planning to feed a growing world with so much of Alberta's farmland for sale? I took these photos below last year as I was alarmed at the volume of agricultural land for sale.

Alberta is changing and I cannot see how we are heading in the right direction.  This will be a public health issue sometime in the near future if not addressed quickly.