Thursday, May 1, 2008

Student Life

Here is a brief overview of my experience with student life up until 4th year Internship.

As I mentioned earlier, the workload of the schooling is probably double the volume of undergrad. At CCNM, there are points during the year where a student will be taking up to 11 courses at once. So, there is not a lot of time for life outside of school - although the Naturopathic Students Association (NSA) and Social Class reps do a great job of setting up social events.

One thing I noticed almost immediately as a new CCNM student was how supportive the students were. The team atmosphere is unlike any school I have attended. I can't help but think of the sharp contrast between the student body here and that of one particular class in undergrad called, "The Sociology of Heath and Illness." Although the class itself was one of the most interesting classes I took, most of the students in that course were pre-med students and some of the perspectives and ideas presented on the online class discussion board were shocking (in my own faculty -kinesiology-the students were very competitive but much friendlier!).

The atmosphere and dynamics at CCNM may also be influenced by the predominantly female student population. In any case, when the course load and exams get intense, everybody soldiers through it together. Remember, you should find most of the material relevant and very interesting (unlike some required courses in undergrad!) which makes dedication easier.

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