Monday, May 5, 2008

Plastic Drinking Bottles

Bisphenol-A is a xenoestrogen found in Nalgene and other polycarbonate water bottle products. Earlier this year, MEC pulled Nalgene from their shelves. I found it interesting that the U.S. T.V. show, "The Biggest Loser" (where contestants compete to loose the most weight) teamed up with Nalgene and Britta water filters to reduce the environmental impact of bottled water sales. This is a very noble cause indeed, except for the potential side effects of drinking from a Nalgene bottle!

The National Geographic Green Guide has some very good information on Bisphenol-A as well as the materials of Plastic Water bottles.

UPDATE July 26, 2008: Nalgene has now came out with a Bisphenol-A free plastic water bottle!! Also, check out Camelback who apparently was the first company to remove BPA from their plastic bottles.

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