Sunday, October 5, 2008

Exceptional Products VII

Camros Organic Eatery

This September, CCNM had the privilege to re-open its cafeteria under the new management of Camros Organic Eatery. This family owned company, from Toronto, shares many of the philosophies of Naturopathic Medicine and what better place to showcase their menu than at the Canadian Naturopathic College. As wholistic nutrition is foundational to naturopathy, I am so proud to have food provided by people who truly care about the impact of food on health. Furthermore, the management has been open to suggestions from the students and a special student menu, exclusive to CCNM, will be available in addition to their amazing meals.

Today, several students from CCNM met at The Camros Garden which is situated about a 45min drive North West of Toronto in the centre of a beautiful hilly woodlot. We spent the afternoon doing gardening work and learning about the processes involved in growing vegetables without artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. A truly practical exercise in organic produce farming! It brought back memories of the hard work, yet community involvement, of the organic farming I helped with during highschool. I think everyone of us kindled a greater appreciation for the food in our cafeteria and are looking forward to going back to the farm when exams are done! Thank-you for the hospitality we were shown.


Unknown said...

Hi there,
I found your blog on google- i searched for naturopathic blogs. Im a Studying Naturopathy in Australia and I'm intrested to know how our course differs and such.
I keep my own blog which i started a few days ago..but so far its just about food:)



Dr. Richard Mountain said...

Hi Michelle,

I have a link to all the courses we take here in Canada over the 4 years (under ND Program). It would be great to see how our schooling compares. Friends of mine from University are studying Physiotherapy in Australia-what a beautiful spot!

Unknown said...

Hi R.P.M,

Oh that'll be cool to see that link. Here in Australia, Naturopathy doesn't really seem to be that well known- if you asked most people what a naturopath was they could probaly muster up an answer but I guess people actually seeing Naturopath isn't really that common which is unfort. If you want to see what my college is it is Endeavour College of Natural Health (

So is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Naturopath the same thing?

I bought a book from (Its a really good cheap online book shop) called Naturopathy For The 21st Century, by a Naturopath from America. I'm finding it hard to find Aussie books of Naturopathy. Is it very well known in Canada?


Dr. Richard Mountain said...

A Naturopath and a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) in Canada are 2 ways to say the same thing. The ND program in Canada requires an undergraduate degree prior to entry and has the same years of education as a Family Medical Doctor (GP).

Naturopathy is quite well known in Canada but still has some public misconceptions. However, the general public is becoming very receptive to Naturopathy.

Thanks for your interest and let me know when you build your blog so that I can follow it.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for sharing the post will be looking for your next.

Dr. Richard Mountain said...

Hi Sophia,

Thanks for the link to Dr. Agolli's website. Dr. Agolli's credentials and successes are duly noted. Unfortunately though, his naturopathic training was not from one of the accredited schools and the philosophy of an NMD often differs from that of a ND (Check out the link at the right of the screen to Accredited Schools). Furthermore, although his credentials state ND after his name, he is not found as a licensed practitioner with the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians in the state of Georgia. Please see their website at, to find a licensed ND.