Saturday, October 25, 2008

2nd Year Update in Naturopathic Medicine

One thing that pleasantly surprised me about CCNM was that change can happen quickly in response to student feedback. As such, this was the first time that a "midterm exam week" without classes was implemented. So, our class just finished a mental marathon with nine exams in one week (10 if the practical exam in Homeopathy is counted separately). Unfortunately for my year, the change nearly killed us! The second year is notorious for being the crux year in Naturopathy, but this new format made things exceptionally difficult by condensing all the MT exams into one week. However, I believe our suggestions will lengthen "exam week" or provide some other beneficial solution for future years.

Otherwise, the second year is amazing. This is where we really get introduced to the skills of a primary health care practitioner and also begin other exciting complimentary modalities like acupuncture.

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