Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Learning Environment

There are occasions where I am reminded of how privileged I am to be in a learning environment where education rather than egos are encouraged. I was reading a story in a conventional medical email newsletter about how hierarchy is maintained by embarrassing (or worse) the new MD residents. Maybe it is because my school is 80% women but I have to say that I was again impressed by the atmosphere maintained during potentially awkward clinical requirements.

Earlier this week, I completed my first gynecological exam under the supervision of a practicing ND. I was politely interrupted to stop once or twice to perfect my technique and kindly given a reminder when I hesitated or forgot the next step. Maybe it is because most ND's are female that ND students are taught a very thorough, yet patient centered gynecological assessment, where each step is performed with maximal patient comfort in mind. I realize it is not neurosurgery but it is enough to remember the first time through, given the circumstances!

My point was not that we are sheltered, because where safety is concerned the standard is strictly maintained, but that we were presented with the best atmosphere, free from unnecessary attitude in which we could learn a skill.

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Melissa said...

Congrats on your first exam! I also really appreciate your input on how supportive your school. That is horrible about medical schools and how they intimidate students. What a way to get them to feel poorly about themselves! I find that doctors these days are so devoid of emotion and so this may stem somewhat from their treatment throughout medical school. Just another reason to become an ND!