Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OSCE Follow-up

What an experience! If it wasn't for the nearly crippling anticipatory anxiety, I could almost say it was fun - the kind of exhilaration that happens during an important performance. Being sequestered in a meeting room for an hour, in a group of nine, prior to the official start of the exams did not help. However, I heard many other groups used much better coping tactics than mine did and they were able to laugh off some of the tension. I will never forget the walk down the stairs to the clinic. Our group walked in silence and I felt like I was in the movie Gladiator right at the scene where they were waiting to get rushed out into the Colosseum.

However, once I entered the first room and began talking to the patient, things began to flow more naturally. All the hours of preparation and studying pathologies, redflags for life threatening conditions and physical exams was integrated into somewhat of a smooth patient experience.

The OSCE's at CCNM consist of 3 patient visits that are each 18 minutes long. Then following each case we have 5 minutes to write up how the case would be appropriately managed and answer questions on our understanding of the patient's condition. Although 18 minutes is certainly not enough time to investigate the root cause of many diseases, it is sufficient time to rule out whether the patient has an emergency situation. As the first principle in our oath is, "First do no harm," having the ability to quickly evaluate the severity of a patient's symptoms and provide a medical diagnosis (Primary Care responsibility) and management plan is essential to every ND's training.

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Melissa said...

Thank you for all your posts and your emotions at the time. I like having an insiders opinion on things at the school. OSCE's bring everything together so that must feel awesome to use what you worked so hard learn.