Thursday, April 8, 2010

Calm before the final storm

There is only a week and a half to go before the final exams of 3rd year. This will be the last set of final exams we will write. Sure, after graduation next year there will be licensing exams and provincial exams, which may be very difficult, but this is a huge mile stone. Beginning on April 19, our grand finale is 11 exams in 9 days.

I'm hoping to begin to live more of a balanced life once clinic starts in May. These past 3 years have been a tremendous sacrifice for my family and sadly my health to some degree as exercise was too often put low on the priority list. I really do understand now that becoming a ND is a calling and not just a profession.

Recently, I was talking with a prospective student who was debating between conventional medical school and naturopathic medicine. She told me her opinion of the strengths of each but explained that she had heard that naturopathic medical training was more difficult than conventional because of the additional types of medicine we learn. As such, she was concerned about the intensity of the program. Although I am unable to directly compare from personal experience, I can be fairly certain that if a person believes naturopathic medicine will be easier than conventional medicine, they may take a serious blow to their perceived academic ability. This is why I believe the "calling" has kept me going. If it was "just a profession" I would have stuck to my day job!

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Melissa said...

Good luck on all those exams! That's quite the schedule you have. Thank you for your honesty about the program. I don't want to hear the fluff..I want the nitty gritty.