Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Leaf

Today we completed the first of two days of clinic orientation. While biking to school this morning, the routine was so familiar, and our final exam marathon still so fresh in my mind, that I did not feel ready to be back at school. However, after the morning introductions, I realized that although the setting was the same, everything was different now. We are not only students, we are now health care providers. In fact, we were informed that 44% of the patients that visit the clinic here at CCNM reported that their ND intern was their primary health care provider. What a phenomenal responsibility!

We are turing over a brand new leaf in our journey. I understand that we are forever students and our next step is a 12 month long internship with 1035 clinical hours, case management documents, competency checks, more assignments, and still a few required classes. Even so, our focus has now shifted from excelling in class and passing exams to getting people to feel better. And, they do! We were shown some encouraging data that CCNM is accumulating, which reinforces what we all have known to be true: naturopathic medicine helps many people.

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Melissa said...

congrats on starting your clinical journey!!! Enjoy!