Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Review 11

Hippocrates' Shadow. Secretes from the house of Medicine by David H. Newman, M.D.

Anyone who is currently, or plans to practice, as a health care provider should read this book.  With that said, I would not recommend this book to everyone (even though my caution may inadvertently assist in perpetuating some of the medical secrets and pseudo axioms the author illuminates) as the author boldly presents some issues of huge magnitude with the potential to shake an ardent believers trust in western medicine.

However, for those in the healthcare field, this book exposes the history behind "schools of thought" in medicine and the steps that lead to many common assumptions about the practice of medicine.  The author, who practiced as an emergency medicine doctor, runs a clinical research program and teaches at Columbia University, boldly asks if certain segments of medical education is spent teaching material that is incorrect.

The book has a great layout as most chapters begins with an ER room scenario that leads to a discussion.  A thought provoking read that is a must for health care providers.

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