Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Graduation Time!

The graduating class of 2011 is done!!  It seems absolutely unbelievable...I'm sure the reality of being finished internship will quickly set in as I begin to prepare for NPLEX and board exams, but right now I'm basking in the accomplishment.  And what a journey this has been...filled with a lot of ups and downs, the appearance of gray hairs and the skills to help improve health care in Canada.

One thing I was not prepared for this last month was saying goodbye and transferring the care of many patients I have got to know very well over the past year.  Although I'm sure their new intern will work as hard as I did, there was a sadness in not continuing along their health journey with them.  Well, I do not want to end on a note of sadness as this is a time for celebration.  So, congratulations to all the naturopathic medical students in North America who will be graduating this spring.  I wish everyone the greatest success.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! As a current college student who's dream is to go to a naturopathic medical school in North America, I have found your blog extremely informative and inspirational. I only just found your blog a year ago, but I have read through all your past posts and I am currently reading a few books from your recommended list . I cannot even begin to imagine how great it must feel to finish your four year journey! Please keep us updated on your future as an ND and congratulations again!