Saturday, September 27, 2008

Book Review 7

real food: what to eat and why by Nina Planck

Although this book is a very easy read, I found the author's non-conventional approach to controversial topics quite enjoyable. The focus of the book is on the benefits of traditional foods compared to the the processed, ready-made, convenience foods which are currently so prevalent in North America. She takes the reader through the steps of processing which prepares these foods for mass appeal. In contrast, she makes an excellent case for unprocessed vegetables, fruits, grains and many traditional foods including wild fish, lean red meat from grass fed animals and whole milk directly from the farm.

This book does a really great job of reconnecting people with where food comes from. My wife said she absolutely loved the book and read every word! Occasionally, the author's points are even supported by some interesting research (for example, 'LDL Cholesterol: 'Bad' Cholesterol, or Bad Science?"). However, not all of her dietary advice may be perfectly representational of the advice a Naturopathic Doctor would give (please see a Naturopath if you have any questions). Also, her personal experience with vegetarianism (i.e. gaining weight) is not typical of most people (see Vegetarianism). Finally, just remember that there is much, much more to a nutritious diet than "old fashioned" foods. Otherwise, enjoy the book!

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