Thursday, September 11, 2008

CCNM Guest Speaker Sam Graci

On Monday, CCNM had the privilege of hearing Sam Graci speak. This man was the inventor of Greens+ and is a phenomenal health expert and researcher. His research covers a huge spectrum of natural health issues from the benefits of high cocao chocolate to the importance of vitamin K in calcium absorption and acid/alkaline biochemistry. I read many of his books ("The Food Connection" is one of my favourites) before I entered naturopathic school and had the opportunity to see him speak on several occasions. The first time I saw Sam Graci speak was in the Canfor Theater, packed beyond capacity, at the University of Northern BC. After meeting and speaking with him in several cities across Canada, I find him to be a truly caring person.

Sam Graci has an amazing ability to simplify complex ideas for the general public, a skill I must learn to be an effective Naturopath (one of our principles is to be an effective teacher). If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, take the opportunity. If not, his books point people in the right direction and are very easy to read. Remember, his books are not intended to replace sound medical advice. For example, "The Bone Building Solution" may overestimate the amount of calcium that is available from several green plants and underestimates the amounts from some animal sources. As such, please see a Naturopathic Doctor if you have any questions.

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