Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stone Tree Clinic

As the start of clinic is quickly approaching, and graduation is just over a year away, I am beginning to seriously plan where and how I will practice. We have been very fortunate at CCNM to be able to hear perspectives from successful naturopathic businesses. Today, Dan Clements who operates Stone Tree Clinic in Collingwood Ontario with Dr. Tara Gignac, ND spoke to our class about the business model, operations and philosophy of their clinic.

I realized the importance of being exposed to a variety of practice models which will ultimately shape what my practice will look like and how well it will serve the public. As I have already said before, I could not agree more with the idea that the profession as a whole is stronger, and we are able to help more people, when naturopaths are able to be successful in their practice. I really appreciated Dan's encouragement and acknowledgement of our skills as primary care practitioners as well as the skills he highlighted that set us apart from any other health care provider.

What was most inspiring to me was that the Stone Tree Clinic operating model allowed for a balance in life, time for family, keeping healthy and options like taking a working sabbatical in South America to bring health care to the less fortunate.

Visit, stonetreeclinic.com to see a different approach to health care.

For those interested Dan's blog specifically about practice management visit, alternativehealthpractice.com

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