Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OSCE time of year again

I would not ever want to be in the third year's shoes during the OSCE's (Objective Structured Clinical Examination).  I can clearly remember my experience last year and seeing the faces of some of the people after their exams, I feel their pain!  (My post last year stated that it was almost fun, but even after a year of seeing patients, it would take a lot of adrenalin for it to feel fun). 

One of my colleagues in 4th year took it upon herself to organize several mock OSCE's, which we nicknamed the "Moski's", in order to better prepare students for this important test.  Now, even the 2nd years do an OSCE that tests their physical and clinical diagnosis skills before they enter 3rd year.  I was happy to teach at each event and was impressed with the level of confidence some people have developed.

The OSCE's ensure a standard of safety in Primary Care and as stressful as it is having your every word and move scrutinized, they are a necessity in order to make ND's the best primary care doctors they can be.

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