Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I've just returned from 5 days in Calgary where I attended the CAND's Health Fusion conference.  This year's topic was Environmental Medicine and the speakers were absolutely amazing.  The conference was focused on tactics to avoid chemical and heavy metal toxins, how to recognize symptoms of toxic induced loss of tolerance and how to get the body to excrete these toxins when they are absorbed.

I even had the privilege to meet one of the greatest water rights advocates, Maude Barlow (Council of Canadians), who spoke on the last day of the conference.  Interestingly, the day after the conference was over, I traveled just east of Calgary to visit family where I found out that they are unable to drink the ground water due to contamination by agriculture.

I have always been a patriotic Canadian but there is now a sense of urgency to protect Canada, our water, agriculture and wildlife for the next generation.  We can't take these things for granted!

Well, I must get back to work as I'm also feeling a great sense of urgency to continue studying with only 5 weeks remaining before NPLEX and Board exams. 

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