Friday, August 12, 2011

Board, Board, Board!

It has nearly been a week already since taking the Ontario Board certification exams.  I should be used to people being intensely analytical and critical about my performance after years of practical sessions and exams, but somehow the Board examiners seemed to have a skill for making my mind go blank.  The experience was very, very humbling; in fact, it was somewhat traumatic!  The good news is that I'm told many of us will feel this way but ultimately do very well.  It is part of the affliction of being a perfectionist!

In Ontario, graduates' skills in physical and clinical diagnosis, instrumentation, Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, and spinal manipulations are all tested in practical exam sessions.  There is certainly a lot on the line as a failing grade requires a retake exam next February and an inability to start a practice in the mean time.  It is a lot of pressure to say the least.  And what is worse is that we do not know our results until October!

In the meantime, I wish everyone of my colleagues all the best with their exam results and with beginning their next chapter in the naturopathic journey, wherever it takes them.


Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Oh, I HATE waiting for all the results!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Richard
We've been following your progress online almost since we met. It's a treat to know your inner thoughts on things and how a Dr would view the subject courses he learns and loves. Your life has been filled with many dreams that you are creating and working towards. You haven't been alone in the pressures of succeeding, Many folk are cheering you on even when you are not aware of that. It has been such a pleasure having you and your entire family as an addition to our lives.Good people with wonderful ideas. This is a great way to tell you we are pleased you stuck it out and that you will be a great success in your accomplishments, Mountains are bold and strong.

Shirley and Martin (Barrie)

Dr. Richard Mountain said...

Thank-you so much Shirley and Martin. Your support means more than you will know.