Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Naturopathic Movies VI

An Inconvenient Truth

I postponed watching this movie for quite some time because of all the propaganda surrounding it. Now, I have to say that this documentary hit me in an unexpected way and I'm sad that I did not full heartedly support it earlier. The presentation style and impact of the content was far more profound than I would have anticipated.

Please watch and tell others about this movie.



Anonymous said...

Actually, the film as you probably know by now has major errors in its science. The author who showed the graph of increasing CO2 with increasing temperature had his paper retracted because his data was made up. Totally false.

Yes there is a cycle of increasing CO2 and increasing temperature, but the lag period is over several million years. If we increase CO2 drastically now, it will take several million years for the temperature to rise is what I am saying.

Dr. Richard Mountain said...

Thank you for your comment. There is still a lot of controversy over this "hot" topic. I remember when Al Gore presented at the University of
Calgary and the resistance he met there. I am sure it will take some time to get everyone on board with the idea that humans may possibly be effecting climate change.