Monday, June 30, 2008


There are many benefits to eating a plant based diet. However, there are some special considerations that vegetarians need to be aware of in order to be proactive towards preventing long-term deficiency problems. The following articles are not an exhaustive list of the necessary considerations but indicate some important precautions (please see a Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Dietitian for information specific to you).

1. "Dietary Iron Intake and Iron Status of German Female Vegans: Results of the German Vegan Study." (2004)

Annika Waldmann, Jochen W. Koschizke, Claus Leitzmann, and Andreas Hahn

2. "Vitamin B-12 status, particularly holotranscobalamin II and methylmalonic acid concentrations, and hyperhomocysteinemia in vegetarians." (2003)

Authors: Wolfgang Herrmann, Heike Schorr, Rima Obeid, and J├╝rgen Geisel.

3. "Vegetarian diets : nutritional considerations for athletes."(2006)

Angela M ,Venderley and Wayne W. Campbell.

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