Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exceptional Products V

Patagonia outdoor clothing and gear.

It may seem odd that I included a clothing/gear company, but we have tremendous power for change when we vote with our dollars by supporting companies with a good philosophy. This company makes top of the line expedition quality clothing that I have personally trusted in the wilderness. They are pioneers in the outdoor industry and were one of the first to make fleece, but more interesting was that they used recycled pop bottles to make it.

Patagonia is still very concerned with environmental endeavors and was also a pioneer in the use of products like organic cotton. Furthermore, check-out for tremedous amount of information on Environmentalism and be sure to view the "Footprint Chronicles" which tracks the distance a product travels as well as the effect each material and garment finish has on the environment.

Another company worthy of mention here is Mountain Hardware. Mountain Hardware makes possibly the most exceptional, highest quality outdoor gear in the world (the closest competition in North America would be from Arc'teyx) and is also involved in environmentalism. Take a look at Mountain Hardware Gives back on their website.

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