Friday, June 20, 2008

Bill C-51

UPDATE ON BILL C-51 (September 7, 2008): As the Prime Minister announced that Canada will be having a federal election on October 14, Bill C-51 is dead. However, we need to watch for furhter Bills of the exact same nature in the future.

The proposed Bill C-51 has the potential to restrict the access of some natural health products (herbs etc.) to Naturopathic Doctors. These products will follow under the same category as some drugs which require a prescription. Since ND's do not have licensure to prescribe medications in any province in Canada (and are not asking for this privilege) restricting Naturopaths' access to these natural health products would be detrimental. Although the regulation of natural health products is needed to ensure quality and safety, this bill is extremely threatening to the practice of naturopathy and the health of citizens using natural medicine.

For more information on this bill, please visit: Click on "News and Events" Click on "Current Affairs"


Anonymous said...

it would seem that these links do not match up. the cand and oand are not opposed to this bill.

Dr. Richard Mountain said...

Please click on "News and Events" under the CAND website and "Current Affairs" under the OAND website to see both of their positions on Bill C-51. In its present form, both associations are very concerned.