Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Virtual Substitutes

The phrase, "Now that is a day at the Park" brings a lot of things to mind. For me, spending the day in front of a coloured, flashing box in the living room was not very high on the list. Yet, with Christmas approaching, and toy marketing fever beginning to peak, parents are lead to believe that the Fisher Price Smart Fit Park constitutes a day in the park. I don't mean to pick on Fisher Price particularly, as there are certainly other companies and some Fisher Price toys are valuable.

Unfortunately, I find a belief in Toronto that indoors is safer and cleaner than the outdoors. Neither are true and indoors is most likely contaminated with many times the level of toxic substances (carpets, laminate floors, glues, paints, plastics, air fresheners, cleaners...) than the outdoors.

This brings to mind an evening tobogganing with my son last year. Several other parents from the neighborhood came with their children and I heard one ask, "how many years have we lived here and never used this hill?" Simple, healthy, inexpensive pleasures right on our doorstep but too often traded for a virtual substitute.

When buying gifts this Christmas, evaluate the consequences your purchases will have on others. I believe that with some intention, we can all make better choices.

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aim said...

I like you idea and you look very particular about environment. wish u merry christmas.

very nice blog with the idea I have never came across before.