Friday, January 21, 2011

Blood, urine & no tears.

Today I finished my last official shift at the Gamma Dynacare Lab inside the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic (CCNM's teaching clinic).  Fourth year interns are required to fulfill a mininmum amount of clinical hours in the lab and also obtain a minimum number of patient blood draws, urinalysis and other tests.  Additionally, we complete a very thorough one-on-one verbal assignment that assesses our knowledge (learned in lab diagnosis theory classes) of the correct indications for ordering labs.  This learning experience was one of my favourite so far at CCNM.  It is not often that students get the opportunity to learn in a practical one-on-one teaching environment and I did not take the privilege for granted. 

Naturopathic doctors are trained to use lab diagnosis to investigate or support a clinical suspicion.  Additionally, many patients are now requesting disease risk assessment tests that can be performed with a "simple" blood test.  What is exciting is that many tests are now becoming available at point of care.  This means that soon a finger prick (instead of a more invasive blood draw into a vein), saliva or urine will be able to test most hormones and disease risk factors right in your doctors office.


Melissa said...

Congratulations!! Very exciting!
I am just starting my journey to become an ND. I was accepted to Boucher for September 2011!!
I really love reading about your experiences and seeing whats to come for me. Thank you!

Dr. Richard Mountain said...

Congratulations to you too!!