Monday, January 24, 2011

The naturopathic Godfather

Today I met the Godfather of postmodern naturopathic medicine.  Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is an elder in the naturopathic community who graduated in the mid 1970's when there was only one naturopathic school in North America.  According to him, CAM is popular culture now in comparison to the persecution it suffered when he first started practicing.  He is currently the president of Bastyr University and also the author of the Textbook of Natural Medicine. 

So today, Dr. Pizzorno gave a presentation to CCNM students and staff about intestinal permeability.  As I am not a particular fan of this textbook, I was undecided on whether to attend.  However, who can miss the chance to see someone with such a reputation!  And, I have to say that the lecture was very educational and, as to be expected from someone with his number of white hairs, some controversial statements were made that only many years of experience could allow him to say.

Maybe the gray hairs creeping up on my head will help me after all!!

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Anonymous said...

I remeber reading one of his books for my nutrition class. How exciting it must have been to meet him. I envy you