Thursday, January 13, 2011

Avocado...who knew?

It seems I always learn something about food when shopping at my favourite grocery store mcewans.  Even though many of the products are beyond a student's budget, I am easily persuaded when it comes to quality foods.  We usually go on Saturdays when we are certain to find a few vendors educating the customers about their products and providing samples to excite our taste buds.

Since the store's opening near to our house, I have learned a great deal about olive oils, breads, specialty meats, fine dining food combinations and most recently, avocado oil.  When possible, I always pass along cooking information to my patients and have found out that most people realize now that cooking with Extra Virgin olive oil is very counterproductive.  Virgin olive oil has a slightly higher burning point than Extra Virgin (harvested at a different time of year and contains different acidity levels) but I hear most naturopathic doctors still recommend grape seed oil as the one of the best cooking oils; and it certainly is.  So this is where avocado comes in.

Avocado oil has a burning point of almost 500F (200F degrees higher than most olive oils), just below that of grape seed, and here is what surprised me: it tastes amazing!  Furthermore, avocado is among a list of plants that contain beta-sitosterol which naturally lowers cholesterol.  Check it out at a health food store near you and ask your naturopathic doctor about more important healthy cooking tips.

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Rustysremarks said...

I have heard about the benefits of avocado oil but was driven away by the price and fear of the taste. I love avocado more than my own grandmother, but certainly don't want everything I make to taste like it. I'm glad to know you approve! I'll give it a chance.