Sunday, January 9, 2011

That's not a kids meal

After Christmas my wife and I had the rare opportunity to take our children out for supper with us.  On both occasions, at two different popular restaurants, it was quite disappointing at what constituted a, "kids meal."  It would seem that kids eating out only enjoy a choice of: mini pizza, breaded mini burger on white bread (no pickle, lettuce, tomato), French Fries with ketchup or a grilled cheese sandwich on white bread.  That is not a meal anyone should eat, especially not a child!

I am sure that these restaurants are meeting the demands of their customers which makes me realize the magnitude of this public health issue.  Until change happens on a broader scale, be proactive in asking for healthier choices.  Skipping the kids entree choices and combining two side dishes at one of the establishments allowed for vegetables and coleslaw which were actually quite tasty.  And, sharing a small plate with your child from what you are eating may be the best choice anyways provided your selection is a healthy meal.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! Thanks for sharing.